Film a day Week 6 & 7

Behind schedule for posting but not on the watching

7th Feb
Get the Girl
Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy arranges to have girl kidnapped to show how much he cares about her… it’s creepy in a way I’m not sure it’s supposed to be, and full of convenient twists that somehow were all planned ahead of time?

The Ninth Configuration
William Blatty’s best known film that doesn’t have the Exorcist in the title. A new commanding office, military insane asylum, inmates avoiding active service… I didn’t get it fully but I enjoyed it, not sure why or how but I did.  Totally goes against all the film making and story telling conventions you expect so it’s a unique experience. Need to watch it again to see what I missed and hopefully understand it.

8th Feb
Detention of the dead
Bought this in poundland because it looked terrible and was surprised that it wasn’t, nothing new going on in terms of the story. A zombie virus outbreak occurs while some kids are heading to detention and they have to fight to survive the day… it’s not doing anything you haven’t seen before but it’s mindless fun.

9th Feb
The Boat That Rocked
also known as Pirate Radio
Random film choice for the night. Wasn’t aware that it was a Richard Curtis movie, never that big a fan of his films but they always have their moments. This is the usual from him, all star cast telling multiple stories revolving around a pirate radio ship in the 70’s. Partial facts like the Governments crackdown on pirates & the sinking of one ship help the story move along to it’s inevitable happy clappy ending. It’s not really that informative on the history of pirate radio however if that’s what you’re interested in

11th Feb
100 Streets
3 different stories told within 100 streets apparently, they’re all pretty bland though and in the case of the cab driver unbalanced, his story is literally 5 minutes of the film

12th Feb
Pump up the Volume
This is the film that made me want to get into radio… and now I am… kinda. Pirate radio though, radio where you’re not limited to the playlist and can talk hard…. Just knew that if I had my own station I could be as cool as Happy Harry Hard on and bag a chick like Samantha Mathis (90’s boner time).
I think the older you get the more you read into the story. When you’re a teen it’s all about rebellion, the music and the beating off on air. Looking at it now it’s about listening to the kids and letting them talk. The difference between being a kid and being an adult… deep innit!?

13th Feb
Too much floppy willy.

…Enjoyable film, much more enjoyable when Bronson is telling the story of how he became the most notorious prisoner in England to the audience, from his upbringing to initial incarceration, release and return to prison he enthusiastically explains to a crowd every thought and feeling, sometimes playing multiple parts to further explain his motivation. Then it just drops the gimmick and follows a basic narrative. It doesn’t kill the film but it makes it feel unfinished.

14th Feb
Last Exit to Brooklyn
Hubert Selby Jr is a happy man…

Requiem for a Dream
…Really fucking Happy
This was a double bill I watched after listening to Henry Rollins Podcast where he talked about his friendship with the author. They weren’t easy to watch but watch them you should. Then buy his books as they’re probably better… and bleaker.

15th Feb
Nocturnal Animals
Speaking of bleak, Tom Fords artsy revenge story… guy sends novel to ex wife, wife gets the creeps reading it… it looks lovely, and while within the novel you suffer real chills and get attached to characters, unfortunately the story outside of that isn’t as interesting. Definitely a film you could talk about for hours after watching it but when boiled down to the basics it’s a revenge movie without any revenge.

16th Feb
Not as scary as Citizenfour but much more entertaining. The real life story of “traitor” Edward Snowden after all tells us we have no secrets anymore, this just wraps it up in an enjoyable narrative.
Always… ALWAYS! cover your webcams kids.

17th Feb
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Never liked this when I was a kid, miles more enjoyable now though. Dumb fun

Double Dragon
Someone say dumb fun? This film is on that list of “so bad it’s good” movies you have to watch at some point, reminds me a lot of a later attempt to bring a video game to the big screen Super Mario Brothers. A cartoonish distopian future with an over the top bad guy  who challenges two heroes try to save the city. Good stupid dumb fun, not sure why this is slated so much as I’ve seen a lot worse.

3 Ninjas Kick Back
see above… although this isn’t nearly as maligned as DD

It Follows
Loved this, totally underplayed horror movie that doesn’t rely on the jumpscare just a slow moving creeping death

18th Feb
Falling Down
Still one of my favorites, A suitcase a lunch a man on the edge, each step gets closer to losing his head…

19th Feb
A film of a thousand one liners. John Matrix’s daughter is kidnapped and he has to rescue her with nothing but his bare hands… and the entire arsenal of a small country

Not seen this classic in a while… still a classic.

Nurse turned vigilante Coffy goes about ridding the world of drug dealers and scum one bullet at a time… or as Jane explained… fight, boobs, fight, boobs, boobs, fight. There are a lot of them on show… as it ex(black)ploitation! think this is her first exposure to that genre though.
See Above

Last Night
recent re-viewing worth watching again to see lovely brit crumpet Knightly

Weekly movie count (2 weeks worth) – 20
Overall movie count – 57 (7 under par)
Film of the week (1) – The Ninth Configuration. It baffled me but made me want to watch again to figure out why it baffled me.
Runner up – Pump up the volume. Loved this film the first time I saw it and still do.
Film of the week (2) – Psycho. Hard to vote against Hitchcocks masterclass in horror.
Runner up – Double Dragon. it’s bloody awful but enjoyable.


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