Film a day week 8 & 9

20th Feb
Our man in Marrakesh (AKA Bang! Bang! You’re dead)

Top brit cheese from the guys at “Network”. They’ve got a series of old british dramas, thrillers and comedies on sale and I luckily picked up a load for £3 a pop. This one centres around a gentleman who gets wrapped up in a plot to fix UN votes leaving him teaming up with an attractive lady agent to get to them bottom of who’s who. It’s a amusing farce full of faces you half recognise from british comedies in the 70’s.

21st Feb
The wicker man

Oh! not the BEEEEEEEEEES!!!!
Total bollocks remake of an absolute classic, strangely we have Johnny Ramone to blame for it as he’s the one who turned Nic Cage onto the original.

David Brent: Life on the road

Did an extensive review of this for hopefully should be available at some point soon

24th Feb
Lego Batman

It’s Batman in lego form but it’s mostly jokes about Batman and how he works alone and how some of his villians aren’t very good and lots of other jokes…… it was alright, not as good as the lego movie

Sausage Party

When kids first learn swear words and think they know stuff about sex are put with other like minded kids, this is what I think it’d sound like. Awful film

Kickboxer Vengeance

A rebootof the JCVD classic had a lot to live up to and really doesn’t come anywhere close. The story is similar in that it’s a tale of a guy avenging his fallen brother but it’s been ramped up to 11 in the fight stakes. There’s more of them and they get increasingly difficult rather than the simple “rematch” of the original. Along side of the revenge story theres also a sub plot revolving around a completely wasted  Gina Carano and money… just why bother casting her if she wasn’t going to be fighting?

26th Feb
Short film time!!! I watched a few and these are my favorites, they’ll count as 1 film at the end.
A Grand Canal

A Grand Canal – A short film from Johnny Ma from Johnny Ma on Vimeo.

My Last Film

My Last Film from Zia Anger on Vimeo.

28th Feb
1500 words

1500 WORDS from Andrew Chaplin on Vimeo.

Death Dimension (AKA Freeze Bomb Icy Death, The Kill Factor, and Black Eliminator )

Jim Kelly being a smooth mother trucker kicking fools asses while trying to track down a scientists assistant who holds the secret to a new freeze bomb. Don’t get plots like this anymore. Harold “Odd Job” Sakata plays “The Pig” the mob boss who’s also trying to find her and shows exactly why that character never spoke. It’s stupidly good fun as all 70’s Kung Fu movies are. Top marks in this one to either the actress getting her head sliced open or the sfx team as it looked genuine.

1st March
Basket Case

What’s in the basket?
What’s in the basket?
What’s in the Basket?
Great no budget horror schlock fest from the 80’s, actually turned things on it’s head by not having the monster as the bad guy for a change. No marks at all for the SFX on this one though, Frank… isn’t very good.

3rd March

There is a reason it won best film this year. Impossible to find fault with it and loved every minute. I’m sure other reviewers are better at expressing just how good it is so go read one of thiers instead.


Not the real story of Frank Sidebottom sadly but a great story featuring him non the less. A road trip movie featuring a group of missfits and weirdos coming together to create the greatest music no one will ever get to hear.

4th March
Cannibal the Musical

Listened to an interview with Lloyd Kaufman recently where he mentioned this one, I’ve seen it a few times but never realised it was released by Troma. The true Story about Alfred Packer, a prospector forced into cannibalism… made into a musical by South Parks Matt and Trey, stupid fun stuff.

Bi-Weekly movie count: 12
Overall: 69 (6 Under par)
Movie of the Bi-week?: Moonlight – It won best film at the Oscars for a reason
Runner Up: Frank – Dark humour and a killer soundtrack


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