Making Movies Pt.1

Finally got my first short filmed and realising a lot of things… Lighting needs to be planned out a lot better… sound also needs to be planned out a lot better. Still you never know unless you try and “you miss 100% of the shots you never take” – Gretzky

Other than that it went well, aside from one of the actors I worked with being a pain in the butt and not doing what was expected…

17358991_1768052486857195_1955286743346008923_oLook at him! lazy bastard. I know he spent the previous day at the vets being drugged up to his eyeballs but that’s how they do things in Hollywood!

Post production has started, although calling it “post” when there was no real “pre” production & I’m having to fix everything I didn’t plan for feels like I’m getting ahead of myself.

I seem to be approaching it like I did with my comics though, I had an idea, noted it down and altered it slightly as I went along. Then when it’s all been done added several elements I didn’t even think about until after seeing the footage.

Not sure the film will make a whole lot of sense but then neither did my first comic, the later ones did… at least I hope they did.


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