Film a day week 10,11 & 12

Falling behind on both watching and posting I know, My last post is part of the reason as is my current training regime

6th of march
The Bunny man Massacre (aka: The Bunny man Resurrection)

Based on the true story apparently… it was never a thing, just a cool urban myth. This is the second of the trilogy and I’m amazed they managed to get this far. Zero plot development, zero character building, just random scenes of a chainsaw wielding bunny.

9th of March
A Street cat named Bob

Based on the true story… it’s a theme! this one however is real to an extent as I’ve seen the kitty on a few occasions. The first time was in forbiden planet where the guy was buying comics and complaining about people taking photos of him because he had Bob riding around on his shoulders. it’s a fine movie but lacking any danger or depth to be anything more than eye candy for kitty fans.

10th of March
Million Dollar Baby

Took far too long to get around to watching this, even though I knew the twist I didn’t realise it continued for so long after it, made it much more than a run of the mill underdog sports movie.

14th of March
Batman And Robin

I had my reasons… not just that close up shot of Alicia Silverstones booty

17th of March
A Royal Affair 

I don’t own too many period dramas but the one I do own is in Danish. Outstanding film

The Cat

By the numbers Korean horror featuring a load of cats,

19th of March

Watching again mostly for Doomheads scenes, first time I watched it I didn’t mind it that much but it doesn’t hold up very well on a second showing.

Six String Samurai

The coolest movie ever made? possibly.

21st of March
Night of the Living Dead

Classic x infinite

24th of March
The Bunny Game

Saw this posted on Reddit in “exploitation” with a few lines describing it… totally unprepared for what I was about to see. Low budget horror that drops the narrative in favour of realism and an unforgettable performance from the lead actress. A film I never want to watch again but one I’ll never forget. Not for everybody obviously as it’s banned totally in the UK.

25th of March
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

Troma at it’s schlockiest, good clean fun with zombies

Tri weekly count – 11
Overall – 80 (5 over par)
Film of the Tri – The Bunny Game, Based on the fact it made the biggest impression out of all the films
Runner up – Threeway tie, Night of the living dead, Six String Samurai & A Royal Affair


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