Film a day week 14,15

Teeeeeeerible weeks for movie watching I’ll admit, head really isn’t in the right frame of mind for them though. Having to sort a new job out still and running around doing shit for it… is sorted now though can get back to it.

3rd April

Straightforward female revenge thriller, a cool cult classic that totally lives up to it’s rep.

Mr.No legs

70’s cop drama that has one of the best film names ever. Sadly not enough No legs in the film as he’s the best thing in it. Kinda basic otherwise and the car chase at the end felt like it would never end.

5th April

….no spoilers, gonna review this one for

11th April

Never really fancied watching this one, Vince Vaughn isn’t my thing, but it’s mentioned multiple times in the film book Im reading as a great example of a low budget indy film and it’s pretty fantastic. Maybe not for everybody but inspiring for someone trying to break in seeing something this polished get made for so little.

14th April

He totally had it coming. Enjoyed this far more than I thought I would, Enjoying musicals? not sure whats next.

15th April
Realm of the Damned

…no spoilers another one for

16th April
Unholy Rollers

Fantastic slice of 70’s drive in cheese revolving around the world of roller derby.


After the trailer there was no way this wasn’t going to be disappointing right? nope, quality non complicated story, characters you can get invested in, bad guy was a little weak but you could say the real protagonist was age… loved it.

Fortnightly Count – 8
Overall count – 103 (9 over par)
Film of the doubleweek – Logan, as much as I tend to avoid the hollywood hype train it was rather good
Runner up


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