Film a Day weeks 16,17,18,19…

It’s all gone to shit really, new job meant I had to lay off any movie watching while getting comfortable

April 17th
Blazing Saddles

I’m not going to say anything new on this one am I? Classic Mel Brooks western comedy, one that will probably never be touched in terms of humour because of the era it was made in.

April 19th
Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

Brucesploitation of the highest/shitest order. Several skits and stories wrapped around a fake back story of Bruce Lee and a karate tournament that has nothing to do with him in real life. Craptacularly bad in every way. Dubbed footage of Lee himself taking part in interviews that make very little sense. Also starring Fred Williamson who looks embarrassed to be taking part in the film. But… it’s hilariously bad in a good way.

April 29th
15 Minutes

A often overlooked movie that has a neat concept, especially in the current era of crimes being filmed on facebook live. De Niro is still acting at this point in time so he’s pretty good, Karel & Oleg are cartoon bad guys which is slightly incongruous when compared to the crimes they commit.
Alien (Super 8 version)
It’s the film Alien but for home release on 8mm film… that’s pre VHS home viewing kids. It only runs 18 minutes but manages to tell the basic story quite well. Major changes obviously had to be made but it’s quite effective, makes me want to check out other 8mm versions.

Open Water

2 people get stranded at sea after someone cocks up their counting after a deap sea dive. I remember this at the time being pushed as a “Blair Witch” on water… bit more to sea…. in the forest though. It’s an ok concept but it’s a short movie at most.

The Sting

Grifters grifting grifters in the griftiest way they can. Classic movie which lived up to the hype.

Branded To Kill

Seijiun Suzuki’s magnum opus… a Jazzy 70’s era japanese hitman with a thing for boiled rice… not sure what to think really, worth another watch I’m thinking.

April 30th
The Black Dahlia

This should have been a great film, came away from it originally feeling cheated as it was kinda flat. A 2nd viewing made it worse. Best thing is Scarlett Johansson looking flawless.

May 1st

Damn you sharktopus! This is a shit show of a movie. Nothing really makes sense narratively, it’s more a collection of “cool scenes” interjected in a simple story of “government created shark octopus hybrid attacks town”. It’s fun in a way but empty

Piranha 3D

Extremely dumb remake of the extremely dumb 70’s classic. Equally enjoyable though

The Crow

Can’t rain all the time. Still stands up against the current crop of comic book movies.

May 3rd
Panteon Woods

Reviewed for Poop Culture

May 6th
Mean Johnny Barrows

If Fred Williamson is in the lead role you know what you’re getting. Non nonsense blacksploitation.

May 7th
Fox Style

The opposite of Mean Johnny Barrows, a Blacksploitation movie that doesn’t revolve around the inner city and drugs, bit of thought went into the story of a successful but street tough business owner being called back to his home town by his mother to start a fashion line… no really. the last 15 minutes looks tacked on from a separate movie entirely just to fill the runtime but still it works

Cube Zero

The back story we didn’t really need to one of my favorite indy sci-fi horror films ever. This time we go into the control room of the Cube and discover what happens on the other side of the mirror.

Get Out

Excellent horror, rather good comedy. Little off when it mixes the two but still one of the better offerings of recent times.

May 10th
Eye’s without a face

Arty French/Italian horror, classy.

May 11th
Shogun Assassin

A mash up of two Lone wolf and cub movies for an American audience. Non stop sword swinging action showing off the coolest bits. Voice over of the cub brings it all together into a coherent tale that’s a great friday night lager and curry movie. Blood everywhere in this tale of honor and revenge.

May 12th
Panic Room

Saw this one on it’s original release at the cinema, it was fine then and it’s fine now. Weird that the panic room in question is only a small part of the plot.

May 13th
Sandy Wexler

Sometimes Sandlers stories about lovable losers making good are enjoyable, this one… isn’t

Their Finest

A Brit romantic comedy set during the war, some good performances carry a predictable story

Don’t Breath

3 kids break into a house occupied by a blind army vet, on paper you have an idea of how this will go down but the twists and turns come fast and make this much less straightforward.

May 14th
Don’t fuck in the woods

Like a home made porno with bad special effects & zero concept of character development. There is a monster in the woods killing people having sex… fair enough. Except theres one character who isn’t having sex that gets killed, this is my main issue after all of it though.

Film count for the month – 23
Overall count – 126 (14 over par)
Film of the Month – Don’t breath. In a month that I watched some classics this may surprise but it’s a stand out because like the homeowner I didn’t see the twists coming.
Runner up – Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, it’s shit for sure but, so shit it’s amazing



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