Film a day… 

Had to tap out on this project sadly as I’ve not had the time to watch any the past few weeks. Work understandably got a little busier and more involved because of the terrorist attacks in London recently, watching them there is reserved for days when I’m consigned to the basement on weekends. Truthfully the project was hitting a snag even before that, rather than getting thoughts onto paper about the movies being watched, it was just becoming a list of films & maybe a line saying if I liked it or not. 

Managed to keep it going 5 months longer than I thought I would though to be fair. 

Art at work has hit the same snag, not easy to have my head down at the desk while on duty right now… Not that it was totally before… But trying to ink nice straight lines takes more concentration that I can commit to. But annoying that going to work actually means doing work for once really. 

Bloody terrorists! Just when in the immortal words of Jim Ross “business was about to pick up” as well. 

Here’s some stuff I did recently to break my art block though. 

One I finished the lines on last year probably, but ran out of flesh coloured ink whilst coloring in a buttock. Tried a couple of different things on the computer, layer wise which seem to work out. Drawing itself is a little jarring to look at now though, and I have no idea what I was going to wrote in the scroll… 

Late night doodle I figured I’d finish up quickly. Cell shading like I used to do,  but layered differently to add a little more to the colours. Based on a shot of Debbie Harry at her finest. 

The lines are looser that I usually do in parts, a little to do with the pen I’ve been using for the past 2 years finally giving up the ghost. Seriously might need to give that one a proper ceremonial send off,  its served me well. 

 Business picking up? Yes, yes it is


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